Terms of Service


  • Tuition: Tuition is due the first of each month or prior to the beginning of your scheduled class session. If tuition is not received within seven days of the required due date, the student’s spot will automatically be forfeited.

All students are considered actively enrolled in the school year program September - June. Students that do not plan to continue with their scheduled class must provide a two-week written notice of withdrawal to the office. Adult/teen classes will not be prorated.

  •  Annual Registration Fee: A $15 annual supply fee is required per family. This fee is waived for military families, for one-time canvas classes, or if you have paid the registration fee within the past 12 months.
  •  Automatic Payment Policy: This policy will take effect only for ongoing School Year Classes. This option requires a credit card to be kept on file. Automatic payment begins with your first month's registration. Your credit card will be charged the first of each month. All auto-pay cancellations must be submitted prior to the first of the month. Missed classes will not be refunded or deducted from tuition. 
  • Cancellation Policy: All cancellations for our Youth School Year & Adult/Teen Classes require two-week, written notice. 
  •  Absences and Makeup Classes

Adult/Teen School Year Classes: Sessions will not be prorated. No credit for missed classes will be provided once a session has begun.

Youth School Year Classes: Please notify the office and we will attempt to arrange an alternative option for your student.

Due to Covid restrictions, we cannot have extra students in the classroom. Because we need to sanitize the classroom between each session, we cannot ensure in-person makeup classes. If your student is unable to attend class, you must notify our office, upon which a recorded Zoom lesson may be provided. However, this option may not be available to all class levels. Kitsap Art Center cannot provide refunds or credits for missed classes.

  • Lateness:

It is essential that all students arrive on time as Kitsap Art instructors use each minute of class to work on projects. Late arrivals not only penalize the student missing class but is disruptive to the learning environment of those who have arrived on time. 

Late students may not be dropped off. If a student is late, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to the front door. If a student is late more than twice, we will contact the family.

  • Student Pick Up:

We ask that students are picked up at the scheduled end of each class session. Kitsap Art Center must sanitize the studio and supplies between all classes and can not be responsible for your student more than 10 minutes past the scheduled class time. Students repeatedly picked up late may result in an added fee. If you have any specific requirements related to who can/cannot pick up your students outside of the emergency contact on your registration sheet, it is imperative that you provide the office with an approved list of names and phone numbers so that your student's file can be updated and provided to all instructors.


By registering myself or my student at Kitsap Art, I agree to abide by Kitsap Art’s policies:

I understand if a student exhibits disruptive or dangerous behavior, Kitsap Art reserves the right to withdraw that student from the class.

I hereby release Kitsap Art Center, its owners, and instructors from liability from any injury to me or my student as a result of participation in the program.

I give permission for my child and/or myself to receive medical treatment in the event of an emergency.

I agree that photos of my child may be used to accompany artwork displayed. I agree that artwork will only be used on the Kitsap Art website, Kitsap Art social media, in brochures, and displays. I request that the information on this form remain private.

All information gathered by Kitsap Art School on forms or from our website will be considered private and will not be sold or shared with any other vendor or business.


 Thank you for your continued support of Kitsap Art Center. As with the transmission of any communicable disease like a cold or flu, you may have been exposed at any time to COVID-19. We would like to assure you that we are following state and federal guidelines regarding personal protection and disinfecting protocols to limit the transmission of all diseases in our building.

Even with careful attention to sterilization, disinfections, and use of personal barriers and protection, there is still a chance that you could be exposed to an illness in our building, just as you would by visiting any public space. Moving forward, we will be taking measures to provide social distancing strategies to our classroom instruction. However, there may be times that social distancing is not always possible.

Although exposure is highly unlikely, do you accept the risk and consent to you or your child attending Kitsap Art Center classes or events?

If you have been exposed to a communicable disease, you could potentially spread the illness to Kitsap Art staff and students. Therefore, prior to each class/event, we will be asking the following questions to reduce the chances of transmission:

  • Do you, your child or other accompanying you today, or anyone you have recently been in contact with have any of the following symptoms? 
    • Fever (defined at 99.6 degrees or higher)
    • A persistent cough
    • Shortness of breath and/or trouble breathing
    • Persistent pain, pressure, or tightness in the chest
    • Have you or any member or any member of your household travelled outside of Washington in the last few weeks?
  • I understand that if the answer to any of these symptom-related questions is yes, I may be asked to reschedule my visit to Kitsap Art Center to a later date. I and/or my child agree to wear a facemask for the duration of my visit inside Kitsap Art Center.